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Noonish, and how we gonna know what each other looks like?
There is plenty of pics of me on here, just look for me? the fat guy nosen around for food? or the guy checken out the the beer stock? All 1 in the same.
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Maybe one of you should wear a red flower behind their ear like they do in the spy movies. HAHAHAHAHA

It's official, I will not be coming!
He got first place in the long jump 19' 11.75" and fourth in the 200 (but set a new school record of 23 flat) so he qualified for state in both of his events.

Woo Hoo!
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Congrats, you should be a proud dad rite now. We can catch up with ya later for eats.
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congrats Dude, puff up that proud Dad chest, I looked at last years iowa gathering for a picture of you and with the turkey picture pm'd I shouldn't have any problem recognizing you. I am 6'2" 255, dark haired white dude. I'll drive my black ford ranger and hang out next to it if you're not there when I arrive.
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See you there!
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Hey gents. Reporting in from a hotel in Columbia, MO. How was lunch today? Glad to see fishhead was able to make it.

The boy got 12 out of 16 today in the open 200 meter today so he didn't qualify for the finals tomorrow afternoon. He didn't seem too mad since the long jump is what he really thinks he's got a shot at. I told him 12th out of 16 kids in the whole class in the state is still something to be proud of.

Drove past lots of mom and pop Q stands on the way down. Wish I had a lot more time to kill, would've liked to have stopped at a couple. Oh well.

Me and the little 8 year old dud made the trip. I never realized this is his first time in a hotel. It's a pretty nice place and he thinks he's the king of this castle.

Anyhow, just an update. I'll try to check back in with an update on how he did in the jump tomorrow or Sunday.

Have a great weekend and be sure to remeber the vets on this memorial day weekend.

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Well, we got to Wendells, and the highlight was defenitly meating JDT and fishead, I was not impressed with the brisket samich.We deciced we WILL get together again soon for a eatting. JDT and i ventured to the EL BAIT SHOP, more differnt types of beer that what 2 fat boys could handle, but the 2 fountian beers i had was outstanding. THEN of to graziaonos italian grocery/deli, very cool place, i will tell ya tommarow how their famous sauseage is. THEN of to Findlys meat market where i seen a Lang 84 with the doors padlocked shut, we got bacon, once agian i will report back with my thots on it.
As i said, we will do this again at a differnt BBQ joint, and then to the Bait Shop for dessert.
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Dude - congrats w/your son. I hope he does very well today and is happy with the outcome!

Smokebuzz - thanks for the report on the eats and drinks. As I said a couple weeks ago, I'm bummed that I couldn't meet up w/you guys. I had surgery on Monday (nothing life-threatening) and the recoop is very slow going. Glad you guys hit the Bait Shop. Isn't the beer selection amazing?!? If you like Scottish/English/Irish pubs, the Royal Mile is a must, and it's only a couple blocks from the Bait Shop. It's sort of my home-away-from-home. :) The same people own both bars, and the liquid bread selection is excellent at the Mile too. Enjoy the Grazianos and the bacon!!

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I hope we got wendells on a bad day, not so great
we will try and do this again, if we get four or five more people by the time we have six rounds of them 13 point beers at bait shop we might be able to get all of buzz'a bbq secrets biggrin.gif how many we can remember will have to be seen, I guess Woodies will be on the block next, lets aim for a friday lunch or even afternoon, whatever works best
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Thanks guys. He made it to the second round of jumps. Started with 16 kids, each made 3 jumps then the top 9 got to do 3 more. He finished 9th in that group. Again, had to give him the speech to remind him how lucky he was that he even got to go to state. Oh well.

Sorry Wendell's sucked. Always heard good things. At least El Bait Shop was saved the day. Must not have stayed too long, I didn't hear Buzz complaining about how much cab fare was to get back home.

Let me know when you want to do it again.
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Anytime, for eats and The Bait shop.
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Dude how is june looking for you? I can do lunch anyday except mondays but would prefer a friday if I'm gonna start drinking in the afternoon.
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Ya, I got that funny work schedule, let me know also, a week from this friday ,June 6th? works.
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hows come i am JUST finding out about this LUNCH !.........

my invite get lost in the MAIL BUZZZZZZ ! ! ! ! !

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The 5th is friday,Lunch?
or the 6th,bbqlossil at the fair grounds around noon-2pm?
Went to the bbqlossil last year,it's ok but my least faverite comp so far, didnt cook just walked around a concrete lot and talked to who would talk.
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either is okay by me, the cooks meeting is at four on friday for the lossal, so we could probably even head over on friday afternoon and see most of the the pits and some "famous" people.
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The cooks meating ain't nothing special, they will probly just be getting fires started and trying to keep super special rubs hidden,.but i think they are haveing the chop cookout over on the grand concourse, so we could hit that.
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Here's a link to Woody's Smoke Shack
there is a "directions" link on there.
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Great meeting all you yahoos today. Let's do that again real soon.
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sound good to me, the next MITE be at my place on a Saturday, or it may be a month from now, got the big gathering in 2 weeks
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