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Hahahahahahahaha!!! Nice!!!
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So what time are you guys thinking on the 22nd, since your driving the farthest you should pick where we go smokebuzz.
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I get off work at 6:10 am, when do you guys get time for lunch?
I just plan on hitting Grazionos when we get done.

What ever time works best for the rest of ya works for me
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I allready told my boss I was going to have a short day so I am open to whenever also. Gotta love that Graziano's, when I first moved to the south side of town I was stopping twice a week since its only about 3 blocks out of my way on the trip home.
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get with Dude, see what works for him.

Anyone else comeing?
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Ok, so I may be hosed for the 22nd. My son is competing this weekend in Missouri in districts for high school track and field. He does the long jump and the open 200. He's been kicking butt in both comps. If he does well this weekend, he'll be going to state on the 22nd and 23rd in Jefferson City, MO.

So I'm heading down this weekend to watch him and if he moves on I'll be going to Jefferson City on the 22nd.

Sorry guys, dad duties trump.

Oh by the way, I ate lunch yesterday at Daddy O's. It's right off the I35/80 exit at Hwy 141 attached to the Phillips 66 gas station right off the exit headed towards Grimes. Had their pulled brisket sandwich and beans. The beans were better than the brisket. It wasn't awful, it just didn't have much smoke flavor. Needed a lot of sauce and it was pretty dry too. Should've known. I walked in at 12:30 in the afternoon and I was the only person in there. They do all their smoking outside in what looked like a pretty nice trailer. There was a sign inside that said something about "Award winning sauce". The sauce was good. I had the mild. I was going golfing and didn't want anything coming back on me (if ya know what I mean) if the hot didn't agree with me.

I'll let you know as soon as I can about the 22nd
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Congrats on your son, and yes kids come first. Maybe the rest of us can still get together and tell ya how good it wastongue.gif. If i remember rite, Jeff City has a couple good Q joints.

Let us know what other doy would work.

GOLF!, at noon?, you guys hire'n?
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congrats, hope he puts it to em. We can reschedule for another day when some more people can come. The bbqlossal is june 4-6, I would be interested in meeting at 2 or 3 having some que and heading to the fairgrounds to look at all the cool rigs and stuff as the teams have to be registered and in place by 5 pm, the cooks meeting is at 4 so most will be there and set up by noon I bet.
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I would hate to make you drive in to meet one person on the 22nd buzz but if you still need a reason to hit grazianos I am still willing to have a friday half day (twist my arm)
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I'm still up for it. I'm going to Grazionos any how, so we just as well eat.
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sounds good to me, where would you like to eat?
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Wendel's? Are they on Ingersol?, Never ate BBQ out in DM
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yeah, 2716 Ingersoll, thats fine with me, he opens at 11, we can go then or noon or whatever
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What ever time works for you, what exit is that off of 235?
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Thanks guys. I hope he does well.

Buzz I'd get off at Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway and go south to Ingersoll then go right or west.

If he doesn't make state I'll be there. Been wanting to try Wendell's.
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Cool, hope i dont see yaicon_lol.gif, would rather see a proud dad with a kid at state track meet.
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amen to that, you can meet up with us practically any time
How about noon then at wendell's
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I'll be there.
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like I said before anyone is welcome, Buzz and I will be there for sure
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What time do you all plan on being at Wendal's?
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