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Stuffed pork loin ideas

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I'm going to be stuffing a couple porkloins next weekend. I want to stuff one with apple, and I'm thinking of adding pecans, some brown sugar and some cinnamon.

Anybody have anything else that I want want to add along with the apples?

Also any good ideas for a rub that will go along with a fruit filled loin? I'm thinking maybe a sweet rub?
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My last loin sonsisted of:

This was a meal in itself, check it out:

For a sweet rub, wait for about two hours into the smoke and just toss dark brown sugar and CBP onto it.

Good smokin' to ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sweet goes really nice with loin. Especially something like an apple crunch cake. That's gonna be my next stuffed loin.
I'm kinda hooked on the greek type stuffing. Lotsa Baby Spinach, black olives, pesto and cheese. I keep the rub simple.... olive oil, lemon pepper, sage, salt and pepper. Let us know what you end up doing.
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Thanks. I want this one to be the sweet one, so I thought the sweet rub would be good. I have a homemade BBQ sauce that is sweet, but I didn't think it would go good with the apples on the inside.

We're having a big get together this weekend, and my son in law and I are providing the smoked meat. Right now it looks like 3 loins, 2 of them stuffed, 2 fatties, and 2 slabs of spare ribs. One loin will be stuffed with pork sausage, veggies, and cheese. So the apple loin was to give them something totally different.
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This one by Grothe has always been one of my favorites.

I did one with spinach, gorgonzola & mozzerella cheese, and roasted red peppers that came out good too.
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