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GOSM cooking rack

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I am looking for another cooking rack for my GOSM. It came with 3 racks but is able to have 4. Anybody know where I can ge one?
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Which GOSM do you have? What are the dimensions?
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Model 3405GW, It is the smaller GOSM. I can't measure the rack right now because they are in use full of wings.
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Here is a link to another discussion about racks. It has a few outside resources you might check out...
I've seen where you can order racks for the Big Block, but that won't help you much...

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Saw this over on the YaHoo group. Fellow there looking for the same thing. Heck, maybe it's you... Anyhow, posted help is as follows:

I just purchased the same model from Walmart about 3 weeks ago. CFM Home Products that make the smoker are out of business.
The good news is a company called Landmann-USA, Inc. in Cartersville, Ga. owns the company now. Phone # 1877 347-4557.
Here a link to there website but there is no mention of the CFM. https://www.landmannusa.biz/store/
I called customer service and order parts already. I also think that the extra racks are around $20.00 a piece.
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