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Black Diamond Capacity

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I have a New Braunfels Black Diamond smoker. When I have done pulled pork in the past I have always done one or two butts in the 8-10lb range. We are having a party in a few weeks for my wife's birthday and I will need considerably more mean. Does anyone know how much pork butt in lbs this smoker can handle. Can I put as much in there as can fit on the grates?

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Yes you can if the grates will hold it you can pretty much smoke it. It may take a little more fuel to get the smoker up to temps with that much cold meat in it but its not that big of a thing just be prepared by starting a bit warmer
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I have gotten 6 butts in mine. You will have to rotate them since the hot end will burn the crap out of them.
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Also make sure you take the meat out and let it sit to get the temp up for a bit before smoking. Then when on the grates make sure there is a little space between each piece of meat.

Good luck and I cant wait to see the Qview
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Great Informatin

Thanks for the great information, on a 12-13 hour smoke how often would you rotate the butts.
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Check them at least twice an hour. But I take the butts to 160 or so then wrap them. At this point you can put them back on the smoker or even put them in a 230 oven and let them cook till 200 internal temp.
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I'll go as far as 300 in the oven to finish if I really need to. Same results and noticeably faster.
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That is true.
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I had to do that back in January. Did a butt when it was freezing cold out, and after it was out there all night and into the early afternoon I borught it in and finished it at 325. Half of it pulled, the remaining had to be sliced. Still needed another 45 minutes or so..... sure was tasty though.
Definitely don't be afraid to oven-finish. It works.
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