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You'll get it figured out. Just takes a little time and a half dozen smokes.

I am lucky to have a model that Ben did a few years back that has control from the firebox to the chamber, firebox directly to the warmer, and another from the smoke chamber into the warmer. If I get a big fire or heat spike, I can shut down the firebox and vent it into the warmer,leave the warmer door open and let the heat out while not over cooking the food in the chamber. I know you don't have that on yours, but shutting intakes can do alot. Propping the door open a lil with the latch down will let some heat out too.

The best cooked food from the Lang comes when it is full of meat. For some reason, meat just loves company in the thing. I think it helps it retain heat and moisture. put 7-8 butts and a few racks of ribs in there one time. The neighborhood will smell you for miles. Enjoy your new friend.

Work out champ, thanks for the kind words.icon_smile.gif
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Boy, I'd love one... might be a bit big for me and wifey's 2 half boneless breasts tho... lol!
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I was gonna post some photos of the first fireup, but I was tucked up under the easy up tent trying to keep the me and the smoker dry. I didn't know if it would like being rained on so early in our relationship.
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Rain or snow don't bother em as much as big winds across the firebox. I give your paint 30 days. I been there and just gave up. I just spray mine down with spray nonstick stuff from GFS about once evry month or so. Nice shiny metalic black finish!
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about a stick or two every 30-45 min is great. unless there is wind - then it is all farkered up. I back mine up against something then.

I build my fire, add a Wesson Oil soaked paper towel or two under neath and Voila - we are rolling.

once I get it rolling, I almost close one side completely and fool with the one side - about 40-50% open and do the 45 degree stack trick. I feel the 45 degree stack makes a more manageable cook temp wise - but everyone is different.

i am going this week and get little guides put in the top rack slide - Ben could make a minor change and it would be wonderful. I doubt he will - hell, he never even calls you back. Love the cooker, but I always find his customer service is lacking.

The rack slide with the new mods will slide easily - without the herky-jerky it does out of the factory.

I will send pics if anyone is interested.

This is a wonderful machine - I bet there are several dozen on here who have them - I think Ben needs to send Capt Dan a bottle of wine! Great recommend.

Give it hell Pinky - and invite us all up sometime. :-)
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Haha, I hear ya. It kind of sucks to want his smoker, but hate his lack of effort to sell them. He knows he had you at hello.
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I hate to sound like a whining, complaining guy, but dude - take care of your customers - and someone else will.

I had a company give my family poor service one time - I went in business against them right after that - figuring if they treat their customers like that, there is plenty of room for me to kick butt and kick I did.

I put them out in 4 yrs. They were in business in that town for 61 yrs.

You have to treat your people right. Good product though.

Pinky - time to change your signature, dude. icon_lol.gif
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nice job, very nice
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