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Virgin smoke on ECB

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I've read all the posts, bought an ECB, have done all the mods and now I'm ready for some smoke.. I'll be doing some spareribs today and hopefully the first time out for the smoker will produce a great rack of ribs. if I can figure out the picture thing I will add some later..

Wish me luck, Mike
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Best of luck Mike, go for it!
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Good luck, keep us posted with updates!
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was just back by the garden and it looks like I will be having some fresh asparagus to go with the ribs.. yum yum

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good luck, mike - sounds like you are off to a grreat start!
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Sounds like a real nice smoke ahead of ya. Hope to see some shots of your meal!
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Good luck with the first smoke! Fresh asparagus along with it! Sounds like a good meal coming up!
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I think you'll be happy with the results of your smoke. Many a great, and I mean GREAT, Q has come from ECB's. Let us know how those spare came out. It's all good my friend.
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Okay, ya got my ears! Aspara-goose is always good. Made some last night in fact.

How are you gonna make them? Grilled, steamed?

Looking forward to the pics, and already drooling here!
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Dont do what I did first time I tried smoking ribs. throw em on and leave for 3 I'll do it different next time.
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sorry for the delay on my report.. The asparagus was great as always, steamed with alittle butter on them. As for the ribs they were good but not great. They kind of had a briquette flavor to them, still wondering what I did wrong??? Was using apple chunks for flavoring maybe I did not use enuf, should I have kept adding them thru the whole smoke??? I used the 3-2-1 method and only kept the apple wood on for the first 2 hours.. sorry but I haven't got pic thing quite figured out yet.

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For the Q-View (Pictures) as we call them here check this post out it may help...

If not feel free to join us in chat one day and we can help you out in posting Q-Views.

Glad everything turned out good on your first smoke. To answer your question after the first few hours smoke does not penetrate the meat anymore. Sounds like from your description you may have been smoking them a bit to much but without some pictures it is a bit hard to tell. When smoking you want to achieve a very light thin blue smoke. If you had a white rolling cloud of smoke that is more that you wanted and could cause a "burnt" taste (other have described the taste as other things).

As you smoke more and more you will get the hang of your smoker and different methods. Check out the ECB mods they may help also.

Good luck and we look forward to future smokes.
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I'm sure I had the rollin smoke like you described, what precautions do I need to take to avoid this in the future???
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