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Purchasing wood

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Is there an online place for ordering wood for somking? I don't have a store near me to purchase wood chunks.
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All kinds of it on Ebay
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Where abouts are you located?
So many members on here with so much wood you may be able to get a nice hook up from someone.
I just got a ton of cherry wood from trees my Uncle had cut down on his property. I took enough to last me for a while and would definitely offer some to someone who may not be far from me.
Though if anyone is in the Jersey area don't ask yet, it has to be cut and seasoned, less you want to just take a 1/4 or 1/2 cord yourself.

As for wood, ebay, amazon, weber, even try your local craigslist. Tree companies that remove trees usually sell the wood they take away for firewood, but you can obviously use it to smoke with also.
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i order mine from do it best center, no shipping charge. they just send it to a store near you to pick it up.
prices are a lot better than e-bayicon_confused.gif
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My friend, I'm not sure where you live, but you can also try this link I've purchased a lot of wood from these folks, and they are fast and very reliable, with great customer service. Good luck my friend.
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I just go get mine in the woods!!
FREE icon_lol.gif
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If you live in orchard country like I do , just travel the back roads and ask the farmers that are out in their orchard pruning branches. Often they will let you cart off as much as you want. there are always lots of larger limbs to be had. Late fall and very early spring is when pruning happens. Even vineyards sometimes have excess prunings for free.

A friend of mine asked a tree cutting service if he could have some maple from a tree they were cutting down in his neighbourhood. They cut down the tree and let him haul it away. He got free wood and they didn't have to do the cleanup. win-win.

If you just want a bag of chips or chunks to go on top of charcoal I order that from cabelas. I got some pecan from them for my smoke daddy because pecan doesn't grow near here. They had a deal with free shipping so it was quite reasonable.
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If you are anywhere near vegas thats where i get mine. Allied charcoal, they have every wood you would need. chunks chips or logs and they are awesome. I think they even ship it. Just google and give them a call.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Unless you are in the middle of the desert, you should be able to find wood for cooking somewhere local. Check out Craigslist for starters. Try to locate local tree trimming outfits. Around here, Home Depot and Lowe's both sell bags of wood splits and chunks. Best of luck in your search.
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Living in a country that doesn’t have a great history of home smoking or barbequing I thought I was going to have mega problems getting wood.

Walked into my local gardening mega store this morning and found they had a selection of chipped wood on display. A bit pricy at £3.90 for 3Lbs but at least I can get it.

Store also had a selection of Webber grills and some gas grills costing over £700, must be something to do with climate change.
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