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My First Beef Ribs w/ Q-View

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I've been looking for beef ribs around here for a while and finally found some at Fred Meyer (part of Kroger). They were cheap and looked good so I grabbed them. I wanted to keep it simple so after getting some great advice (thanks to everyone but especially Dawn since I followed hers the closest), I added a light coating of cbp, kosher salt, garlic powder and chili powder. Smoked them in the Big Block at 240 for 5 hours with a mix of Pecan chunks and peach chips.

They turned out really nice. A little greasy but great beef flavor and perfectly tender. I only hit them with about 3 hours of smoke and the pecan/peach mix was a little light for me...probably hickory next time. I also wish there was a bit more meat on them but that's what you get with beef ribs, I guess. I just polished off most of them so I'd definitely consider them a success. On to the Q-View:

Ready to hit the smoker:

In for about 2 hours:

This is around 3.5 hours:

Just out of the smoker:

And a couple of slice shots:

Thanks for checking out my beef ribs.
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Excellent ribs and pics! You did very good~ PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice job. Thanks for the great pics
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Nice job. They look great.
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Excellent job on the Beefies.
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Looking good jaye, congrats on a successful smoke.
Now that you got me hungry I'm gonna go see what smoky goodness is in the fridge.
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They look great. I have several packages in the freezer. I am going to have to break them out!
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great job! congrats on your first plate of dino-ribs!
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Mmmm... great looking beef ribs!!cool.gif
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Looks good

I love the beaf ribs. I think I like them better then pork cool.gif Yours look good!
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Great job on the ribs!!! Pictures making me hungry.... Going to the freezer to see if I have anything to smoke tomorrow...
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Congrats on the Dino ribs, and thanks for sharing the Q View. You can't go wrong with Dawn's advise on Dinos, it's all good my friend.
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