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How long do i cook abts?

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How long do you cook abts in a smoker at about 250?
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If you split the pepper & wrap them in bacon, keep up the temps until the bacon is browned and starting to crisp up a bit. I did mine lastnight in the GOSM at 225* for the 1st 20 minutes, pulled the smoke and cranked it to 280* until browned well. They were pretty tasty.

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When the bacon gets to your liking they are done for me thats around 2 hours give or take 15 minutes
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Like Piney says..... when the bacon is done..... it's time to eat.
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Smoke them till the bacon is at the texture that you like. Everything else will be fine.
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what everyone else said +1. i have also found that it seems the longer they are on, the less "hot" they are, but you get ALL of the flavor!
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