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Biggest smoke of year! SO Far..and it's an all nighter

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Having some family and friends over tomorrow for a b-day party. Getting ready to put on a couple of 8lb butts,some country ribs, abts,garlic and corn on the cob. Camera battery is charging.. will have q view in a couple of hrs. We are eating at 6pm gonna throw the butts on about 2 a.m. already opened a 12 pack of
Sorry Qview so late,

Here are the two 8 lb Butts rubbed(used Jeff's Rub) and ready for the smoker

The country ribs rubbed(Jeff's) and ready for the smoker

Here are the butts after about 8 hrs,plateau'd at about 154*, overall took 14hrs to get to 205*

Made Dutch's beans, Awesome as always

Also tried corn, came out great, should of opened it up ,used evoo and salt and pepper.

Made ABT's for the first time,didn't use bacon, but used cream cheese and sharp cheddar. Everyone loved them .. Have to get me an ABT rack

The butts were brought to 205* then sat for awhile then were pulled.
No leftovers :( here is one of the pans, made some Carolina mustard finishing sauce.

The Abt's were probably the big hit,first time making them. But everything came out great, thanks to everyone here with all there tips and advice.
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So, if I leave right now...........Hmmmmm.... I'll drive fast. lol

Can't wait to see your pics!!
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Sounds exciting. Cant wait to see the Qview.
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Sounds like a great meal.
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Don't worry.. I will bring it to you.. least I can do after all the meals you made me drool over..and by the way I can check on the Godchildren LOL..
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LOL...Sounds like a good deal to me! Taz and Petunia will be thrilled to meet you! icon_lol.gif
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Oh yeah!!!! Bring it on Scooby!!!!

I'll be watching!! Sounds great!

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Hope the smoke is successful. Let's see some qvue! PDT_Armataz_01_38.gif
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I agrre that you'll be up for awhile, although I'm sure it will be worth the hours, and enjoyed by all.
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YOWZA....good times are a-happenin! That, my friend Scooby, sounds like a blast. Good for you on the all nighter, and the Heini's will help you all chat away the hours for sure. Piece of cake! Hope your get together is a success and your friends and family leave well-fed and happy. Please post some pics, too. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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We are waiting....stop don't throw that greenie at me!!icon_lol.gif
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