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My new Horizon - Page 2

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Hey RickW, I'm itchin' to pull the trigger on ordering a 16" Classic from Horizon. Do you think it is worth it by adding the convection plate?
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From my talks with the folks at Horizon and my own experience I would have to say yes it's well worth the extra cost. I can get a pretty even temp reading across the entire smoker using the convection plate.
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Congratulations on your new smoker....Its a Beaut...If ever I move to an off set smoker...I will look into a custom shop model such as yours :>)
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Great looking unit, thanks for posting the pics.
Sliding baffle is a nice idea.

Aren't these therm pics are the same though, both from the left side?
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Ya know what; I think I did screw that up, I think you're right. I'll get some pics of the therms today.I'll get it right this time. I did end up replacing the Horizon therms though. I went to Tel Tru therms as I didn't find the Horizon therms to be accurate at all. That would be one thing that I would change, I can't recommend their therms.
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Lets try this.

I'll still try and post a pic of the new therms today.
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Here is another pic of the temp differences from one side to another with the Tel Tru therms.

I am sure this has to do with the convection plate installed.
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Wow - that's awesome for temps identical like that!
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The built in convection plate is without a doubt the reason it can be dialed in so well.
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Do you make use of the feature that lets you slide it back & forth or do you pretty much leave it in one position?
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I do use the sliding feature to dial things in. One other advantage is; you can run the firebox side hotter if you want. That's good if you're cooking two different types of meat that require different temps, say chicken and pork.

Here's a pic of the sliding plate.

It's a great feature.
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Thanks Rick.

Just curios, I see another rail just above the one that the plate rides on. What is that for?
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Those are for the lower cooking rack.

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cool.gif I should have seen that one. biggrin.gif
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