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Jeanie, those look great. Nice job...
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Cajun, thank you! They didn't last long. :)
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My kinda snackin food Jeanie!!
Real nice job on da beef....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good drool factor, as always, Jeanie. Your post hit me like a ton of bricks; I have some boneless ribs in the freezer and this thread gave me a good idea of what to make of 'em. If I get around to making it soon, I'll come back and give you credit for the idea!

Thanks for sharing the fine QVIEW,

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Jeanie another great smoke and great q-view!!
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Looks great


great looking food as always. I have not been around here for long but all the meals I have seen on your post look great.
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Thank you Gene, Tom, Todd and Jayson, You all are too kind!
Tom, I hope they turn out well for you!
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Aloha Cowgirl....The finger food looks great. I want to try them next weekend. Could you tell me how I woud know that the meat is done? .....Temp or just by time? Thanks :>)
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Looks like a 7 bone chuck? Which those are even hard to find around here. I have never seen boneless beef ribs . I am sure they were good though
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Jeanie that looks awsome and I am very interested in the potatoes. Would you mind sharing your batter recipe?
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As usual you did a heck of a job Jeanie. Great looking grub
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Thank you Poi Dog, Flash, Bill and Rick!

Poi, I went by time. I like to smoke ribeyes then sear over a fire.
On my drum, they usually take about an hour. These little boneless ribs were cooked to a medium rare in that time so I didn't sear them. I didn't want them cooked any more than that. They were tender any juicy after an hour. You just have to pull one off and check.

Thanks Bill!

I like these potatoes and make them in the house a lot. But the last couple of smokes I just added them to the smoker before frying.

Here's a link to the last ones I did...

The recipe is a beer batter...

1 cup flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
enough of 1 beer to make it the consistancy you like

Dip into flour then into the batter, it will stick better.

Fried til golden...

Sprinkled with kosher salt.. dry rubs are good too..

They are crunchy on the outside and tender in the middle.
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Thank you Jeanie! I want to try these this weekend if I get a chance.icon_lol.gif
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