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My temp was staying on the low side(cheap thermo won't tell me exact, just that its ideal) I was looking around and decided i needed a charcoal starter to use the minion method(i think). I went to wally world and bought one for 9.97 and I decided after using it that I would have paid a lot more for that starter than I did. I also bought a real thermo for my smoker that tells me the precise temperature. Now I'm in the middle of the ideal section and my butts are looking good. they are right now bouncing from 166-168 and they've been smoking for almost 8 hours. I'll be up for a while....I'll break out the ps3 or the Nintendo DS shortly. gotta get some more caffeine too.
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Hopefully you've checked the new thermo for accuracy; in boiling water first, then a nice icey slushy. Sometimes the new therms can be a bit off. By the way, you should have gotten 2, one for the grill surface and the other for the meat.
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I've got a wireless digital thermo in my boston butt right now. I think that I made a good choice in buying it...and it was only 16 dollars

I have watched my boston butt go up about 5 degrees in the past 30 minutes.

holdin steady at 173 right now. i'm getting sleepy...time to get another dr. pepper
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That new therm is useless as airbrakes on a turtle unless you tested it. I hope you saved your receipt, just in case.
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My wife was boiling water for tater salad and I held it in there and it was around 215 when it was at a low boil. stuck it in some water out of the fridge and it bottomed out at a tad under 50. The boston butt was about the same temp when I stuck the wireless digital thermo in it on the smoker.
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I am in the home stretch now with a temperature of 189. I am wondering if it could take any longer. I am ready to go to
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What was that you said.................. worried about it cooking too fast. Congrats on your first Butt!
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Im waiting for the final verdict. It sounds like a success!
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It topped out at 191 and started going back down. It smoked for about 14 hours. I wrapped it in foil and put it in the fridge after smoking, and now I put it in a roaster oven to warm back up and to get over 200. I ate some last night(err this morning)and it tasted good. but this morning, it tasted much better. 2 hours till my guests here so maybe it'll go over good. The bark even has a good flavor from the naked rib rub recipe from jeff. thanx for putting up with me being annoying. Here's a pic of the butt right off the smoker. I'm gonna go buy 2 more butts tomorrow for a mother's Day dinner.
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I just found this thread. Some great advice given. It looks like you got some really flavourful Q out of your smoke, congratulations.

I always start my meals at least 2 or 3 hours earlier because of the unpredictability of the finishing times. Then if its done early foil it and place it in a cooler with a couple of towels. That way its always on time for dinner and always Hot rested and ready.

PS. I don't know if someone already mentioned it, but the meat should rest for an hour or so before cutting into it anyway.
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Everyone is gone now and they told me that it was really good. I messed up on the recipe for jeff's sauce, so I went with the old standby of "Neely's BBQ sauce" that I got off of the food network website. I've made it several times and always turned out good. It was a good compliment for the BBQ IMO. I am now more confident about trying to smoke other things now. I feel better with 1 successful smoke under my belt. Thanks again guysPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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