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to brine or not to brine.............wings ???

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I am going to smoke some wings tomorrow and am wondering if i should brine them or not......I know u should on a whole bird but what about wings ?????
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you can, wont hurt nothing. I useally smoke them a little hotter at 300 or so, dont take long to get them done.
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Ya I am going to crank up the smoker for these babies but I'm not sure if brineing is really worth it for these little things
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Dont cost that much to try, i dont but thats just me.
Give it a try and see what ya think, it may be what ya want.
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It can add some taste to em. Sure won't hurt nothin an ain't gonna take much ta do it. Try some brined an some not, see what ones yall like best.
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What he said! :D
I like them both ways, and what better way to add something than to do it while you sleep!

aka Rocky
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I typically don't brine/marinate them because I'm not organized enough to think ahead.

It won't hurt them, that's for sure.

Just be careful with the hot pepper. I marinated some in the traditional butter hot sauce and they were crazy hot.
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Just to be clear, brine and marinade would be two different things. A brine is "mostly" to add moisture using water and salt and some flavor if you add stuff to the brine. A marinade usually will also add some moisture but is mostly for flavoring. I just wanted to make sure everyone that was giving you advice was clear on what you were asking.
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I always brine the wings(whole chicken & pork chops too) if I am doing them in the smoker or in the deep fryer. Moisture and flavor are a good thing for my taste buds.

I use a brine of cold water, kosher salt, garlic powder, and some juice(cranberry, or apple to add a sweet element). I brine the wings for a few hours, and go.
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I marinate mine. I would assume that brining will impart a great flavor too. I cook mine around 325 to keep the skin crisp. And glaze them in the last hour.

I do a 2 1/2 cook, maybe a little long, but my wife freaks if chicken is done all the way. And even at that time they come out moist.
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I will put in another vote for brining. You can add a bunch of red pepper flake or some tobasco to the brine (account for the salt in the tobasco) and impart a little heat for hot wings. I have also done them with a bunch of garlic powder and some sage in the brine for some garlic wings. Good stuff.
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is done all the way = isn't done all the way?
With chicken I do make sure it is done all the way, but that doesn't mean it has to be dry... especially with a good soak in a brine. Even without it doesn't need to be dry. IMHE
aka Rocky
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