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Pics from my UDS build

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Well I'm finally pretty much done with my 85 gallon UDS build. I may still put nipples and caps on my two added exhaust holes, but I also may not. Here are the pics with descriptions. Thanks for everyone's advice!

The drum I bought for $20

Red liner on the inside

After several hours with a drill and wire wheel

The liner's all gone from the inside

Drilling my intake holes

Primed and casters on the bottom

My charcoal basket

My original lid and exhaust setup (I've since added two more 1" exhaust holes)

The cooking grate and my lid hanger in action

Finished product . . . went with silver per Peculiarmike

Ready for my seasoning burn

Thanks for looking! I enjoyed the build. Doing my first cook on Saturday
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Well that looks real good!! Nice pics of the build too! I've got one and love it and know you will too.
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Wow...that's one nice build you did. Real good pic sequence and pespectives. Your lid hangar was perfect! Nice job on the chimney too.
Congratulations~you put in some hard work!
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Nicely Done PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice build.................points to you my man. That's one big a$$ uds
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Great build! I love the silver. What did you use for the lid hook? I'm always trying to look at pics of them and never can tell what people are using. points.gif
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Man that is nice. Good job
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I used a "rope binding hook" that I found at Home Depot for $2. Looks like this

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large grate

By the way, for anyone building an 85-gallon UDS, I found a 24 1/2" cooking grate made by Rome (for a camp ring). Got it online from for $11.97 plus shipping and it fit perfectly. Seems pretty sturdy too.
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That be a right fine lookin drum yall built there!
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WOW, 85 gallon drum..... you just raised my bar !!!
Great post with build info and I love the color, any future plans of a Coors Light logo on it?
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Thanks Donnylove, I will be getting me a couple of those! I also want to mount some kind of shelving un the drum to set my ET-73 on.
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I'd like to see that up next to a 55gal doesn't appear to be that much larger.

I like the build though, I went with casters too. They rock.
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All I can tell you size-wise is that it's an 85-gallon salvage drum that was designed to have a breached 55-gallon drum fit inside it for containment purposes.

First competition Wednesday? How'd it go?
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