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Smoke everything

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Hey everyone,

Name is Dennis. I live in Canada and love to smoke just about everything on anything I can make a smoker out of thought I would join and get some insight instead of shoot and miss thing I have been doing. I have been smoking for a couple years now just kinda pulling it out myicon_twisted.gif . I am building a big baby now hope it works.
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Hi Dennis Welcome to the SMF. Seeing as how Canada is the second biggest Country by area in the world how about telling us which part of Canada your from?

I am From Penticton BC out here on the Canadian west coast.

There are plenty of builders on here that can set you on the right path when it comes to design and fabrication of your dream smoker.
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Dennis welcome to SMF glad you joined us. You'll find lots of good info and some great recipes here. Post some pics of your smoker build we always like seeing those. Have fun and happy smoking
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Hello Dennis, glad you joined! Hang around and you'll learn more than you ever thought- this is a great place to be part of.
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Welcome to the SMF Dennis!
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Welcome Dennis! We would love to see that smoker as you build it.
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Welcome and enjoy the forum
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Hey Dennis! Welcome to the forum. I'm sure that most of us here started kinda like you...I was smokin' spare ribs on a gasser grill 8 years ago...I bought a GOSM verical gasser and that's when the real Q started to turnout for me.

Please do share you experiences with us, and we love lookin' at Q-view if you can!

Good smoke to ya!

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Welcome to SMF, Dennis. Glad you joined us. It was nice to meet you in chat.
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welcome from Ontario
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Hey Dennis, welcome to SMF!!
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Dennis, Welcome to SMF.

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Welcome aboard Dennis.
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