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The added salt was definitely the problem. I even soaked the corned beef for about 8 hours, changing the water a few times before I put the rub on. It makes sense though that they expect a lot of the salt to come out if you are preparing it as it should be. I want to try this again in a week or so when school is out. Then i'll give you guys the total step by step. Im going to do some slicing now and show some qview of how it came out anyways.
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Well, I took the pastrami out of the fridge this morning and it seems that the flavors have balanced a little, and it is no longer too salty. I sliced it on my mandolin slicer (great idea, thanks to my mom) and it worked great. Here it is and Thanks for all the Help and Thanks for Looking!!

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that looks pretty good, congrats. I hope the one I am doing tomorrow turns out.
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That does indeed look fantastic. Congratulations!
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Thanks guys, it actually tastes pretty darn good if I can pat myself on the shoulder for a second. For your Strami tomorrow, make sure you start early, have plenty of time because it will take almost 8 hours depending on size and the time it takes to stall to pass. Also, make sure you stay away from salt! Other than that good luck, and try slicing with a mandolin, it really worked great!
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thanks for the tips, no salt in my rub(corriander, black pepper, and garlic powder)

I am starting at 8:00 a.m., for dinner @ 7:00 p.m. I hope I am ok.
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Great job. Looks like a winner
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Sorry about your trial mnola, but the finished pastrami looked awesome.!

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