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Charcoal chimney / Firebox - how to??

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What's the best way to light charcoal in a chimney or firebox without using lighter fluid??
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In a chimney I use a paper towel or two drizzled with vegetable oil or bacon grease.
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I set the chimney on my turkeyfryer......side burner on a gas grill works too.
Or newspaper with some veggie oil.
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I've used both methods, I also use the weed buner at times. I suspect the weed burner will be used more once I get my offset.
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3 sheets of paper towels crunched up to baseball size, spritzed with cooking oil, placed under the chim...lite and there ya go. Very little residue to clean up as with paper too.
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Weedburner all the way.
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I use the turkey fryer most of the time.
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Propane torch

I use a propane torch.
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3 or 4 pieces of plain ol newspaper wadded up works for me. Takes about 15 minutes.
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I bought some of those little packs you light under the charcoal. They work good without the mess of newspaper blowing around. I used to use the side burner of my grill but didn't like the ash getting in the burner.
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