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How about some pics of your setup, please pretty please :)
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Both my sons are currently living at home saving money for houses. The older one started brewing his own beer this year. Bought all the necessary stuff for simple home brewing. So far he has done 4 batches and though the first had no head it still was tasty. Mostly porter and an ale I think. But with zero experience and some advice from a friend, the beer has been better than just ok, its really good. The last batch was the best, nice head, almost resembled Newcastle but tastier, and I luv Newcastle.
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He's in Las Vegas right now enjoying the Jimmy Buffet concert, the scumbag PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif. I promise to hound him to death to get some pics on here. It is really an amazing setup.
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I have been brewing off and on for about 15 years now. Mostly do IPA's and a mean czech pilsner, but have done some stouts and pales as well. I have always done bottles with very good luck, but now that I actually have more room for stuff and am eventually going to build a bar, I am thinking of kegs.
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Would that be Newcastle Brown, back in the 60s I herd tell that they had a special hospital ward in Newcastle for people suffering the effects of the stuff.

When I was a young fireman we entertained Newcastle’s Auxiliary Fire Service unit, they turned up with crates of the stuff, every locker was full and they had been drinking all the way up the road. As I was reasonable new and hadn’t acquired the mandatory liking for a good bevy, I got landed as Officer of the day. Yes it was a riotous night, and one of the Newcastle crew got carted of to hospital with Newky poisoning.

Newcastle Brown is a great drop, but I always treat it with respect.
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I JUST started! I have considered myself a beer enthusiast since I have turned 21. I really enjoy micro brews and truth be told I am not sure why I haven't done this earlier.

This is a pic after I got everything cooked.

It is an apple ale, im pretty pumped about it. Also I am working on converting a mini fridge into a two corni kegerator
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Looks good and tasty - Always wanted to try and make some beer but just haven't been able to. Course there are a lot of things that I want to make.....
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That looks delicious!!! I am excited for you!
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Looks like it will be a tasty quaff BenjaminR! Keep us posted!!
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Oh I sure will! The kegerator will be done before so I will get some pics up of that business. Its going to be pimp, and its going to be nice to have two beers on tap in my apartment. Im 22 two beers on tap 24-7 and nice smoked goods when ever I want, what more could I ask for? lol
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When it's all ready I'll come over and do some taste testing to make sure its ready! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Im always around with beer to share.
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Here is my beer!
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Woot. My second post! I started brewing beer at 17. Started with a Scottish brown ale kit, and that's the last kit I've ever bought Funny thing is my parents were all support because "At least he's staying home and has a hobby... I guess."biggrin.gif

So for the last 7 years I've been brewing 5 gal batches at least 6 times a year. I tend to like 'em thick and dark, but I've made a couple mild brown ales, a honey pale ale (Third batch, turned out great, ask me more about brewing with honey, it's... involved). But I'd have to say my prize pigs would be my maple syrup porter, my coffee stout, and the previously mentioned honey pale ale.

Althought I do keep logs on everything I always brew by the seat of my pants (I view recipes as more "Guidelines") I always bottle, always bottle condition (YEAST IS GOOD, D***IT) and I rack to secondary about half the time, when the urge hits me. I don't have the room to do all grain, although I have done it, but I always do a single step infusion for about 1/4 to 1/3 of my total wort.

My advice to everyone would be:
1)Keep a log on EVERYTHING, Times, Quantities, Temperatures... everything. You learn more this way.
2)Always Rack your beer, even though I don't. You will taste a difference.
3)Invest in a really large pot, instead of doing the whole 2-3 gallon boil and then watering down your wort routine. Again, you will taste a difference.
4)Wort Chillers. You could go immersion or counterflow, and argue both for decades. Either way. Buy/Make one, and marvel at the clarity of your next batch.
5)Always drink alot of your homebrew really fast. This has the twofold benefit of getting you shnockered and forcing you to brew more...cool.gif

Oh and Tomorrow I brew my convoluted version of a Belgian Wit, just because for some reason I haven't made one yet.
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Awesome another IL brewer!

Where about in IL are ya trash can?

Im at SIUC or carbondale, IL

I may need to bounce some Q:s off ya from time to time. But the first is why the heck are you still bottling!!! Iv done it both ways and let me just say. Im never going to **** with bottles ever again. Plus I get to drink faster lol
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Carbondale. Good times. Dirty Holding cells...

I use bottles for a number of reasons.
1)You can chug half a batch and save the rest for a couple months without it going flat or stale
2) you can keep quantities stored at room temp (which prevents skunking, when you chill beer and then let it warm up... skunk)
3)you don't have to buy a party pig or some BS like that to take a six pack with you to a party (or court appearance...)
4) it's easier to blast someone over the head at said party (or court appearance...) with bottle than a corny-keg
5)I work for a company that makes materials for commercial graphics, so it's always a great ego stoking to print up really good looking labels with vulgar and obscene things for every bottle

Also, I don't mess around with capping pop tops. I use grolsch top bottles in 16oz 22oz and 32oz sizes. They're easier to clean and sterilize than a keg and they don't explode like crappy pop tops.

Also, is that a fixie/single speed behind you in your beer pic? Ah. The trendy way to ride.
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I've been brewing for about six years. I started out with a Mr Beer, then graduated to all grain. I mostley do Czech, German and Early American style Lagers but also like to do some Ales. I do have a lagering fridge for proper temps.
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Well some good points I also have a few of those bottles as for the party pig I just use a growler

on the far left and clearly I have a love for wheat beer, in case you cant tell...

I feel that looks the most classy when making court appearances (which im still not sure why we are going there so much)

But yeah, I already killed the keg. Took me all of 3 days. Its kinda bad having it on tap, its just to easy and I dont have the guilt of popping a top at 10am....

And no the bike isnt a fixie I do have a bike im going to turn into one but that is my murdered out trek its fast

Also, you didnt mention where you were from.
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I am an extract brewer. I might move to all grain eventually, but don't want to make the investment just yet. Best resource I've found for brewing other than my LHBS homebrewtalk.com . Lots of recipes and a good beginner section. I love beer! (although I hate those wheat beers!)
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Just starting to smoke but been brewing a couple years or so. I brew AG and like IPA's I also Keg because it is easy. I like to brew 10 gal. at a time. Need to brew soon.
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