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What Cut of Brisket is This?

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I was at Costco today and picked up a 7.5 lbs brisket but the labeling didn't say if it was a flat or a packer.

Gonna smoke it tomorrow. Wish me luck my first one about 4 yrs ago was a bomb... I think it was a flat with no fat (dried out and tough).
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I believe you have a packer. Every packer i have got, never said packer on it's labeling,just Brisket or Whole brisket, Flats typcally will we labeled as to what they are also
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I could be wrong here... not an expert.... but it looks like you have the whole packer..... flat and point. When you buy a corned beef brisket it will tell you flat or point. I've never bought anything but a whole packer if it hasn't been corned.
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That's a whole packer with a bit of the tip cut off. Has some nice fat on it, should smoke up real good! Before you eat it grab a pic or two!

Pops ยงยง
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looks like a keeper to meicon_eek.gif .i'm sure it'll turn out great.
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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that is a flat w/ point removed. I don't see anything looking like the point, but I do see where it looks like the point was removed. Either way, it should make for some good eats.
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Found a link that may help you at least somewhat...
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Its a small packer for sure. and it looks like some of the point has been removed. It has a nice layer of fat on the underside but the top has been trimmed a lot. That beauty will cook up real nice.
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James is right it is a flat with point removed.
The third picture where it tapers to the right is where the point would have been.
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