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just check(what a work out running up/down stairs) temp on the gage 200 and the water is boiling at a good chip. I'm thinking, I should be good to from here out to finish. If I play my cards right!!!! Thanks
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by the way - you need to go over to Roll Call and introduce yourself. Sort of a tradition here at the SMF. Where are you located?
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If you can move the unit into the sun, assuming it's sunny where you are today. This makes a difference too. If it is windy there try to make a windbreak somehow to keep the unit out of the direct force of the wind. The unit will lose heat quick if it is windy. Don't give up!
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Good old Rochester NY, just took a temp reading in miss piggy 130 @ the 3 hour mark should be ok. icon_lol.gif Almost time to run to the watering hole but I will wait for another round of lumps and water. I will try to post pics.
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Sounds like you are under control now, I am from the Roch area also, Victor boy here. Don't leave it unattended too long!
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Justing running to weggie to pick up some POP and thinking of doing baked beans (anything special) should I do with the beans??
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Hey Prism ..............

How did the pork butt turn out?
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Sorry for not getting back last nite, butt it come out greaticon_lol.gificon_lol.gif everybody enjoyed the pork sammies. I also did the beans. I have a couple of grandkids that don't like stuff like onions/peppers so after cooking them for alittle bit I throw them in blender. They never knew that the beans had onions & peppers but the kids chowed.
I was running out of time, so I finish the butt on the gas grill. After wrapping in foil, butt on one side and the burner on the other for about the last 2 hours. Next time I will give myself some more time. And I would like to thank everybody for your help.
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I had to learn the hard way here on the SMF. No Qview - it never happened!
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