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Hello From Florida

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My name is Scott I am 44, I live in St.Petersburg Florida where I was born, did four years in the US Seabees and came back to the sunshine state. 1.5 miles from Treasure Island. I have two Webbers one gas and one charcoal/wood, and am without a smoker, just gave my old one away so time to make a new one. I am not the best at smoking but not the worse , but do like to cook . If things go the way I plan, I would like to retire in 5 years (been with Verizon for 21) and then get a rolling rig and smoke some mullet, do something I enjoy doing, (wouldn’t that be nice). I do have a large garage with the tools, welder, chop, torches all the goodies. I am sure I will be learning new things here… When I am not at work, or not working around the house and it is windy, winter time most, I am in the water/air kitesurfing.
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Hey Scott, nice to meet you. Glad you joined us.
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Scott welcome to SMF from up the road in Crystal River glad you joined us. I'm looking forward to watching that new smoker build. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome Scott from Florida.
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lots of FL members here, if you had a big party you could probably get some labor help in building the new smoker PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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welcome've probably buzzed by me when there's a descent swell.
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Welcome Scott, glad to have you with us!
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Welcome aboard Scott....nice ta have ya here!
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Hello Scott, and thanks for giving us a great introduction. I'm sure you're going to enjoy being part of the SMF.
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Welcome to SMF, Scott. Glad you joined us.
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Welcome aboard Scott! Build yourself a drum to get yourself up & running then maybe a nice offsett? Whatever you decide to build do be sure to post pics of your progress as we all love to see!
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