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Best place to buy a "real" GOSM

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I guess I heard that Wal-Mart sells a "cheaper" less quality version of the GOSM. I want to avoid that!

Where can I get the real deal online and what store can I go to get one?

I'm in Northern Virgnia...

thx ya'll

p.s. I wen to the "store" here on this forum but the products didn't have a price and I could't add anything to a shoppign cart???
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I may be mistaken but I think I saw a recent post that someone had bought one at the Bass Pro store. Good luck! I love mine.

Edit: I just read smokinbobo's post. Posts there should answer your question.
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hey thanks bw...there is a bass pro about an hour away from me...also saw a GOSM on their site.

any other tips would be greatly appreciated!
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Was just at bass pro today they have both sizes
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Get the bigger size. It'll allow you to smoke a rack of ribs without cutting them . Too bad our WalMart where I live cannot get the larger size......
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I don't know what the American / Canadian coversion is, but I just bought mine at the new Bass Pro Shop here in Alberta, and I save huge money compared to some of the local BBQ stores.

I got the smaller version, but I'm quite happy with it.
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