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Quick Qview..... Roast Beast!

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The grocery store here in town has a really nice burgandy pepper marinade. On Sunday they mark down anything that didn't sell and I ran into a couple of really nice round roasts already marinaded up. I paid about 9 bucks apiece for them. Rubbed them down with a little Tones Canadian Steak Seasoning... got the hickory chips rollin and waited for 140 degrees. We had these slices for supper with some real mashed tators and homemade brown gravy from the drippins. Put the rest in the fridge and sliced it up on the slicer nice and thin today for makin sandwiches. Seasoned the Oklahoma Joe while all this was goin on.

Thanks for lookin!
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That looks delicious...
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It was good sliced thick while it was warm... but it was knock your socks off after cooling down in the fridge and slicing extra thin. Gonna make a really nice sandwich tomorrow with some baby swiss cheese.
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Looks awesome and I'm sure those sandwiches are gonna be great
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and slathered with horseradish.... mmm, mmm, good...
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Very Nice, and to use your words

Thanks for the Qview.
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Looks great, Dave. icon_smile.gif
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Looks great!
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Congrats on a great smoke, I like the Q too!
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Nice job Dave....that's gonna make some great sammies!!
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Isn't roast beef on the smoker great? You did a wonderful job there, that rub looks tasty. Thanks for the pics of a beautiful roast!
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great job man, looks like done to perfection and you gonna be eatin some good sammies this week!!!!points.gif
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Shweeeeeet indeed.

Nice work!
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I have yet to do a roast

But you are sure making me hungry for some of those sammies. I will have to try this. Only thing that sucks is it is snowing again herePDT_Armataz_01_19.gif .

But I will have my branding next week and plan on doing 3-4 briskets so I will have to include a roast after looking at this!!!!!!!!
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Those look great Pig. Nice job....
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