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Spring Allium pics from garden

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Nice sized garden, and real pretty garlics. Good job!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice looking garlic and garden
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Looks Great Al!
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lots a garlic ta go around thanks for the pics
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Looks great! We can't even plant up here yet, couple more weeks yet.
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Thanks for sharing the garden pics, the season is upon us!
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Looks like you've been working hard at it and it also looks like its paying off big time. Nice pics thanks for sharing
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Somewhere down the line you'll have to tell me about the bees. I have always wanted to learn to raise them but it seems like something that has to be taught to you instead of just reading a book.

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Great looking garden Alex!! cool.gif
Have you tried cold smoked honey yet?
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Alex, I cold smoke honey...(and lots of other things).. It's pretty tasty. I do give it a stir about every hour.
I use a shallow pan when smoking...

I like the smoked honey on biscuits or a hot sopapilla. :)

It's a mild smoke, but I like it. :)
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