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charcoal to electric

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ok so my dad gimme a vertical smoker this weekend he never used to its n great shpae but i already have one charcoal smoker. i want to turn this into and electric smoker do i just need to get an element for the botton of this?.....also waht do i do whit the water pan when i do the conversion do i keep it and use water or os this a no no?....thanks for the info guys!
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I converted my bullet to electric years ago and have since gone back to charcoal. The electric worked ok but cook times are longer and I found that keeping temps up was difficult at times. I did continue to use the water pan in mine. It is convenient as no charcoal to fiddle with but I was always fighting to keep temps up. I found that starting out with boiling water in the pan helped to bring it up to speed faster. Maybe eliminating the water pan would work out, I never tried that. Let me know what you find out!
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soo do u just add wood on top on the element or do use a basket of any sort, did u use charcoal also? ive never used electric its been charcoal for about 3 years, just figured i go out on a limb and try sumthing new this summer
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When I bought the element from Brinkmann it came with a little metal pan that you can put wood chips in. Here is a link

You can place them on or near the element but the pan acts as a buffer to avoid flame up.

I always soaked my chips otherwise they just burn up quick and the unit got too hot. I also threw in a couple charcoal briquettes in the pan for a little flavor. Hope this helps!
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i found the elements for about 30$ at rual king here in town think im gonan get one of those and see what it does and how it acts then ill go for sumthi better
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Be sure to let know how it turns out and post some pics!
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yea i will deff do that im gonna work on that one and i also have a char broil double door smoker that im gonna do sum upgrades too ill post pics up
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