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Rib Steaks on Modded Charcoaler

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This is my first warm smoke with my newly modded Uniflame Charcoal Grill. Bone-in Rib Steaks are the victims. Hickory is the blessed Smoke for the evening.

Nice fresh snow welcomed me to the event:

After some shoveling, the seasonings were:

The seasoned victims are, bottom: Canadian Steak, Upper left/center: Cajun/Crushed Pepper, upper right: Lemon-Pepper (wifey's):

Coals and can are HOT:

The makings of a good warm smoke:

The flip after 25 minutes in the smoke---rotated 180* then turned over so the little bit of heat get evened out a bit through the meat:

I'll be back with the can pull, coal on the grate, and a sear for the final cooking phase. Then, of course, a plate to drool over! LOL!!!


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looks like your temps are a little low.
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Sorry, take another look. I hit the post button instead of preview before I got ready to kick it out the door. LOL!!!

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hey, they look good! now I'm hungry...
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Smoke is over, now for a low sear...

I'm flipping steaks as I upload from the puter to the web, one pic at a time...these 5 were all taken, just slow internet connection lately...I'm still flippin' steaks!:

Back in a few with a platter full and a pic of my plate!

Great to be smokin'...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The finale

Wifey's Potatoes Augratin (mmmmmmmmm):

Left to right to bottom-------Canadian Steak, Cajun-Crushed Red Pepper, Lemon-Pepper:

My plate, with a Cajun-Crushed Red Pepper steak:

Med/rare, but, not enough heat, so, here it is with 1-1/2 Tbls Green Chillis:

Mmmmmmmmmm-mmmmmmmm-mmmmmmm..........good vittles for a quick smokin' fix!


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Great lookin steaks

I have a question though, how long would a guy smoke the steaks before putting on to a hot grill so they can sear
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I smoke mine to 110' at a low smoker temp, maybe 150'.
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I did these ones for 25 minutes per side, temps were running about 115-120* on the grates...just enough heat to start to warm the meat before the sear.

Dumped the coals to a grate and seared for plating.

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Mmmm Eric, looks great!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
I love smoked then seared's my favorite way to cook them anymore. Yours look perfect!
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Those look great.

You're still getting snow? icon_eek.gif
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Thanks Jeanie. That was the best rib steak I've eaten in a long time. I will make them again...hopefully real soon.

Dude, yea, we just got 2" more wet sticky stuff lastnight...just in time for me to get another smoke started-----HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!

Still gotta get that posted! Ooops!

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Steak! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Those look great.. I almost got those for my smoke tonight, but my decided on the country ribs. Those are on my "To Do" list. thanks for the Qview. gonna go wipe the drool now
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Those steaks look great! I've never had Canadian steak seasoning. How do those turn out compared to the cajun?

Weber Grills
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Thanks grillboy, they tasted even better!

The Canadian has alot of Kosher Salt, so you have to like salt to enjoy it...I generally don't use that much myself, but I tasted these and they were pretty darn good. I really love that cajun seasoning though, not too hot, and a great blend for flavor. Either way, these steaks were delicious.

Give it a shot sometime...enjoy!

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Great looking steaks, Eric. I think that will be on the menu one day this weekend. smile.gif
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Nice! Great job.

I'm grilling some tenderloin steaks this weekend for company. I was gonna do 'em on the Smokin'Pro side firebox anyway... but after reading this, I'm gonna sit them in the smoke chamber for awhile before putting them over the coals.
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Those looks great . . . and the taters look excellent. Good eats!!
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