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Good fattie(s) to start off on

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Hey! I'm looking for some good starter fatties(never done one) to do. Something that everyone would like(I'm having a party next weekend with about 15-20 people showing up)

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Pizza is pretty easily accepted. It was my first fattie and everyone liked it. Also what goes better with sausage than breakfast. Here's a link to a couple that I did.
Be sure to keep us updated with pictures of course.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me. But there's tons of great fattie ideas on here. Check out the "Sprintime Fattie Throwdown" link at the top of the Fattie section. Tons of ideas in there.

Just make sure you make enough to give everyone a couple or three slices. These babys are addicting.
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Fatty's are open to your imagination and don't require much skill. One of besides the pizza fatty, another common filling is scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, and whatever you might put in an omelette. That's referred to as a breakfast fatty.
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breakfast is a good start get some JD breakfast bowls and stuff in jd sage for a start oh wow yum yum PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Be sure to do a few plain 'naked' fatties as well.... people also go crazy over them, too. Just unwrap and into the smoker. Easiest no-work smoked snack you'll ever make.
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Not only is this true, but get a couple tins of SPAM, roll them in brown sugar, wrap them in bacon as best you can (I know it's hard- spear them with toothpicks) and grill. Folks will kill for slices of this....and it is pretty da*** good!
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I just made my usual meatloaf recipe (which isn't so much a recipe as a bunch of stuff thrown together.) Then I rolled it up with some deli ham, blue cheese, and chopped onion inside and wrapped it in the bacon weave.

It seems like you can pretty much add whatever you want as this method is pretty flexible.
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My first and second have been breakfast fatties and both turned out very well. Good luck with what you come up with and be sure to share some q-views.
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I just finished posting pic of my first but let your mind run wild and enjoy creating. There's nothing like pulling that thing out of the smoker and cutting in to it. they are as good eating as they are making
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