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goose ??

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Has anyone smoked or cooked a goose. I hear it's pretty greasy. I've had it in st charlies La from some very real cajuns from the bayou.
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Yes, have smoked alot of them, you can treat them as any other poultry, Brine,rub, smoke. Mine are typically skinless breast,and we like to make jerky out of it.
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Goose is good food

A goose is very good meat, unless you have frou-frou expectations.

Goose is all dark meat. Well exercised dark meat; it isn't boneless-skinless-fall-apart-in-your-mouth-meat. It cuts like roast beef.

Goose is good, not gamey; has a real taste as opposed to boneless-skinless-fall-apart-in-your-mouth-meat. It has taste like the dark meat of a turkey, but better.

A whole goose will feed 4 people..... period. There are no HUMUNGO breasts that you are accustomed to with chickens. The first time you roast a goose you will be very surprised at how "small" the breast is. No worries, it is not small, it is perfectly fine for a flying bird. You are simply used to farm-raised, large-breasted chickens.

Yes, a goose has fat. Not much more than a large Tyson's Oven-Stuffer-Roaster bird. It is not "greasy" unless you cook it wrong and let the bird sit in it.

Poke the skin with a knife all around the body. Set the bird on the oven-roaster grate (all ovens come with them) and the pan and let the juices drip while it cooks.

You are set and enjoy the goose. The crispy skin is a whole lot better than chicken skin.

Goose goes great with oven roasted potatoes & steamed asparagus.
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Or you can just grind it up and mix it with some ground pork and spices. stuff it into some 21mm casing and smoke them into meat sticks PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

Best way to cook honkers IMHO. I end up with about a 100 pounds of goose breast every year. Snack sticks are the favorite in my family.
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Fourthwind, Are you willing to share your recipe for snack sticks? What spices do you use? How much pork? My Dad and I do a lot of goose hunting each year, and he would love the goose snack sticks.
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I don't have it perfected yet. I mix it with about 25% ground pork shoulder, but it will be up to you on how much fat you want. I will likely try a heavier mixture on my next batch. I also like to include high temp cheese. I vacuum seal mine and freeze. I do not cook them to the "dry" point. Only to about 155 internal before I pull . Key is not to use too small of casing.

Spices are really to taste. I use pepper (lot), garlic powder, fine chopped jalepeno (1 jap per 2 pounds), high temp cheese (about a 5% to meat weight ratio)

Up until a few months ago, I was having these made at a local meat processor, and decided to try it myself. That's why I say i haven't perfected it yet. Once I do I will post the exact amounts of ingrediants
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Thank you, Fourthwind.
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Goose makes great jerky for sure.
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