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Butt, Fattie, ABTs & a chick

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Damn hot here today in Augusta, GA. Decided to have a little family bbq; just the kids and the wife, a little kidde pool, some hot dogs on the grill and a bunch of smoking meat. I'm paying for it with a sun burn now.

Anyways, decided to try several pieces of royal lump added to my smoke pan in the CCSV24 for something different. I used apple and cherry wood for the smoke. My idea was to use the lump to help regulate the temps a bit and to also help the wood stay lit. I have an issue of smoking at 225* or so and it takes a while to get my chips to smolder. It worked so I'm going to keep this up with some tweaks.

It was a small butt, around 6-7 lbs I would say. Used my rub and took it to 165* foiled and put in the oven until it reached 200*, did the towel & cooler thing, finishing sauce and it be damn good. That will be tomorrow night's dinner. Did a fatty too nothing special, just rubed it up. For tonights dinner I did Chicken parts that started in an applesauce bath for an hour or so and some ABTs. Oh yeah Dukes beans to round out the smoke. .

Betweeen the smokes and 2.5 year old and a 6 month old I'm freaking tired!!

On to the Q pics:

Butt ready to go into the oven:

Butt pulled

ABTs pre-smoke

ABTs smoked




My new grill:

And a lizard hanging out on the gutter:
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Good looking grub.

Thank you for doing a fatty. Even a simple one. I thought for sure we might have a weekend of no fatties. And that'd be a cryin shame.

Cold and rainy up here in Iowa so I have to drool over your's.

Apple sauce on the chicken? How'd you like that? Never tried that.
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Nice looking smoke there thanks for the QVIEW. I don't Know where the points thing went but I am giving you POINTS! Nice Job!
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thks for sharing the pix, nice lookin smoke you had going on!!! points from me too!!!points.gif
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Everything looks really great MArk! Nice job. Was scrolling through your pics and thinking about how each one looked good and what I was going to say, but everything looks great!
Got a bit of sunburn myself today. It ended up getting up in the low 90s hee and I spent 6 hours tilling the field for the garden. Drunk now so it doesn't hurt but tomorrow...
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Good job...looks mighty tasty!!
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Everything looks great nice job PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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