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Butt's w/Qview

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I put two 8+ pound butts on this morning about 5. The first I cut the fat cap off, added a light coating of mustard, sliced the top (Crowned), and used the apple rub. Took this one to 200 for pulling.

The second I used mustard and Strawberry's rub (commercial rub). I pulled this one off at 180 and into the cooler for 2 hours while I waited on the other. We sliced it.

The first one stalled and hung out at 150 while the second just kept chugging along, you just never know they came in twin cryo pack together.

Sorry for the poor pics, I couldn't find the regular camera and had to use my crackberry. Only going to post a couple due to poor image quality.

I didn't do the slicing!
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Nice looking butts Carpet. Good job
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Nice bark. icon_smile.gif They both look delicious. Which one did you like better?
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I liked the pulled on better, actually thought this was some of the better pulled pork I have done in a while. I guess even a blind sow finds an acorn in the woods every now and then! ;)

Used a hickory/pecan/cherry mix with Kingsford Comp briquettes. Think they are growing on me. Foiled both butts at 165 to help speed things up.
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Good looking smoke!!
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Mmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmm Good. That's some tasty looking pork.

Good job outta you.
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Looks great, nice job scoring and love all that deep pink.
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I believe you got a couple winners!!
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Those look awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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