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Hillbilly Drum Build

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Well got a fair start on the drum taday. Got here burnt out with a 5 million btu turbo torch, ifin there was a linin in there, it sure didn't survive that! Burnt the paint offin the outside to.

After burnin it off I then gave it a good wash out with the powerwasher. Then hit everthin with a 4 inch wire wheel on my angle grinder.

It's sittin over in the small garage with a fresh coat a primer. Tammarraw I will start layout an drillin holes.

Post more pics as it progresses.
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Looking good trav! Keep the pics coming. You and I are on a simultaneous build! I plan to do more tomorrow!
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Tip - I'm definitely watching your steps as you get this thing completed. Any idea on what color you want it to be?
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Thisin gonna be company colors which seem ta have become orange an blue! Boy, that 2000* ceramic paint sure ain't cheap! Spent 26 dollars just in primer! Yikes!PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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Orange and Blue are friendly colors in FL, depending on your allegiance cool.gif. The end result will be worth the pennies you've put into it.
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Orange & Blue also work great here in Syracuse territory!
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Nice Travco, can't wait to see the finished product.
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Looking at the pics; is that a liner in the drum? I looks as if it might just be.
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It might have been, but after makin it glow red with that torch, if its there its stayin! After the burn off I hit it with a wire brush in my grinder, still just a tinge a red to it, gotta be sumtin in the steel. Don't smell no more after ya get it hot with the torch, so gotta say its clean.
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Looks like you are on the right track.
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Looks like a great start and I'm liking that Orange and Blue
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Drum build update

Here's be the drum with a coat a high temp ceramic primer. Got the layout lines on an ready ta start some drillin. I found a seamstress tape measure, one the cloth ones works real well fer measurin on that drum!

Here it be with the rack supports in, I use 1/4 inch x 3/4 inch x 2 1/2 inch u bolts fer the rack supports. Damper nipples er all installed an lock nutted an the meat temp gauge port is installed. Got a lid I'm gonna use fer now, came offin a george foreman electric grill. Will fit inside the rim a the original lid, so can make it work till I find me a weber lid.

Next is ta get the charcoal basket built an the shelf made fer it, then paint an some wheels an she be ready ta go.
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Looks like it coming right along PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looking good!
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Well been super busy with yard work an some shop repairs, ain't worked on the drum as much as I'd liked ta. Got shelf brackets mounted taday an the shelf cut. I did some wood burnin on it an then a nice coat a maple stain an the first coat a poly.

Try an post some pics tammarraw!
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Thanks for keeping us updated, Tip. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished as I'm sure you are too. icon_smile.gif
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The Shelf

Still givin it coats a clear, but here be a qview.

The one ta the left is my intials, made that up years ago, the one ta the right er the initals fer Hillbilly Vittles, our caterin company.
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Nice...you're gonna love that thing. I grilled some steaks on mine last night. Drums are da bomb!
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Looking good, Tip! icon_smile.gif
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Nice progress, keep the pics a comin.
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