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Gosm Vs. Smoke Vault

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I think I'm finally going to make the switch from electric to propane. My Old Smokey has worked well...but it's limited. I think I have narrowed it down to either a GOSM Big Block or a 24" Smoke Vault. From reports sounds like I can't go wrong with either. Also should I expect a better bark with gas? And has anyone made the modifications to fill their 20 lb. lp tank from their larger home tank? Thanks
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I've seen the GOSM Big Block (propane) in action and it seems very user friendly. Instead of purchasing a bigger tank, what about having an extra spare bbq tank on hand instead?

Ever thought of going old skool and looking into a charcoal smoker?? cool.gif
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User friendly is what I'm looking for. With family and a job that hardly gives you a day off during fire season, I'm looking for set it and forget it!
I've thought about extra lp tanks but with an already existing 500 gallon tank for the house I thought it would be more convenient having the ability to refill from home. A trip to refill in town is a few hours.

As for old's on my soon as time allows. I have a UDS under construction.
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As for the Smoke Vault I am no help, never used one nor seen one in action. Now for the GOSM, that is one of my smokers. It is not a set and forget but it is user friendly. I really do not think you could go wrong either way. Good luck with your choice.
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I use a GOSM, and like it very much. I wouldn't call it "set it and forget it", but it is very user friendly. When I was shoppin' for a gasser, I checked out the smoke vault as well and it appears to be a very similar rig. I don't think you could go wrong either way.
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the smoke vault is very nice, I'm more than happy with mine. I cant speak for the GOSM.
ditto the point that it's not quite set it and forget it (if you want good results), but pretty close.
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Hey came across this thread out of frustration...I have a Smoke Vault PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif , I was just smoking some ribs first time this year, and noticed that it was leaking a little gas by the entrance to the burner, I have only had this thing a year, and it seems kind of cheap. I’m going to call Camp Chef tomorrow and see if they will help me out but if not...Fortunately I have a Bass Pro 10 min from my house and they have the GOSM's in, that's all I'm saying.PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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if you haven't used it for a while you might have a cobweb in there, I did, and was getting soot. I took some pipe cleaners and cleaned out the venturi, and all the orifices (is that the correct plural of orifice? lol), and it made a big difference for me. I've had to deal with Camp Chef too, and they were fantastic. I'll be shocked if they don't take good care of you.

Hope you get it all sorted out so you can get back making mouth-watering Q.
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Sorta like comparin cadillacs an lincolns. Both er good. I got a GOSM an really like it, know folks with smoke vaults that really like them to. As fer gas, maybe just hook upta the big tank? Shouldn't be all that much involved an the parts should be available from yer local gas feller. They ya don't have ta mess with the little tanks at all. I get prolly 5 er 6 long cooks outa a 20 pound tank.
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Nah its not cob webbs, I checked it, its the median piece outside the burner casing that connects to the burner and the gas hose. It will ignite on fire being so close to the burner its just slow leak, when I turn off the gas tank it goes out, its a leak for sure.
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I think you would be happy with either one. I've been extremely happy with my Smoke Vault.
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ditto, i have a gosm and love it, but from what i have seen from the smoke vault dont think i would be disappointed with it either.
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