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Hrudka-Eastern European Custard Cheese (Sirets)

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Thanks to TasunkaWitko and his post :

Today I made his Hrudka, or Eastern European Custard Cheese that's popular around Easter time. Very easy to make and an authentic old-world recipe.

The Goods:

Mixed 'em all together with a wisk, then into a stockpot over MED-LOW heat, stirring gently.....constantly-

Thirty minutes later, the curds are breaking onto a consistency of oatmeal. Not ready yet...the liquid has to turn from white to the color of broth, as the cream from the milk is used. THEN it is ready.

Into a cheesecloth with a pencil tourniquet to squeeze out the whey-

Then let it drain for maybe an hour from a jelly strainer stand-

Then unwrap that puppy. Here it is all ready to go into the fridge overnight. Will cut it and sample it tomorrow, and post another pic or two.

Plenty enough whey left over for TasunkaWitko's PASKA easter bread recipe, which uses the whey.

Thanks for looking, and hope you liked the pics!
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outdtanding, rivet! first try and you did it like a pro!
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Man Rivet, that looks good. Nice job.
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I think he said "Blessed are the cheesemakers"
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Here's the finished goods

Okay, next day - here's a pic of the finished goods. Ate a slice- real good stuff! Thanks TASUNKAWITKO!

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rivet, that was awesome - your eastern-european ancestors are very proud of you today!

good job!
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