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Expanded metal basket

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I went to Lowe's and when I asked where the expanded metal was you would have thought I was speaking another language. Not only did they not know what it was, they also didn't have any.

Off to Home Depot. They have two styles, 1/2" and 3/4". I picked up the 1/2". Will this be OK or do I need the 3/4"?

What I bought is pictured below. The 3/4" came in 24X24" sheets so I would need to cut it. I was hoping to avoid that but if need be I will. Thanks agian guys for your help. I'm gonna start on the other parts for now.

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That's the same size I used for mine.
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This seems to be a pretty common experience. biggrin.gif One member even posted that the clerk was standing under a sign that said "Expanded Metal" while the exchange was taking place.

You'll probably want the 3/4". You'll definitely want 3/4" if you are going to use expanded metal for the bottom. If you use a small Weber replacement grate for the bottom, you may want to try and find a welding or fab shop in your area and have them cut an 8" x 44" piece of 3/4" #9 expanded metal. It works perfectly for the round sides.

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I am using the 13.5" Weber grate. Do you think the 1/2" will work with that?
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Hmm . . . I THINK it would work since it is just for the sides, but never actually having had one with 1/2" on the sides I could not say for sure.

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Not in a uds but I made a basket out of 1/2" for my Weber kettle. I used it for the sides and the bottom and it works perfect. No problem getting enough air and small pieces of lump don't fall through it.
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Seems to be working fine in the UDS too. See my thread on UDS build. I was hesitant but so far so good!
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Just to update everyone who may find themselves in this situation, the 1/2" expanded metal works fine. I would make sure you use the Weber grate for you base though and not the expanded metal all around as that may not allow the ash to fall through.
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