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Buck Board Bacon / Cooked Capicola W/Qview Part One

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I had some pics of the butt they went into cyber space.
But you all know what a butt looks like anyway. It was a 7 pounder boneless and wrapped with netting.
So here is what I got.

I usually use a one gallon food grade container and put the butt in. I then add and measure the water voulmn and make the appropriate amount of Tender Quick Cure. In this case it was 4 cups water, 1 cup Tender Quick.
I have a cheap vetrernary thing they use for giving horses shots under 5 bucks and inject until it wont take any more.

I'll keep turning the butt for a few days, doing the fry pan test and either smoking it or soaking it.

Buckboard bacon is without spices, capacola is with paprika and Cayenne pepper otherwise it is the same process.
Thanks for watching.
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WooHoo! I do love me some capicola. Keep up the nice work ron.
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Cooked Capicola Part 2 W/Qview

It started here Friday night.


I took out a piece and without thinking did the fry pan test without rinsing. It was good, Carol gave me the thumbs up, so I am going ahaed and rinse the outside and smoke it, no sense prolonging a good thing.

Sorry, I didn't get a pic of the sample, I scarfed it down not thinking. icon_redface.gif Nice and pink though.

Stay tuned, more to follow.
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That been cookin a long time Ron, is it done yet?
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C'mon ron...give us an update. We're all dying to see.
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Lol I was just uploading the pics.
It was a late night.

The Start.

About 3 1/2 hours into it.

4 1/4 hours.

Done at 152'.

It was very good. I'll be slicing it tonight on the slicer.

Thanks for watching.
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Real nice Ron....looks awesome!!
Another fine job...WTG!!
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Looks great, Ron. How much paprika and Cayenne pepper did you add?
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Thanks Dutch.

I guess I forgot to mention that this is for my SIL in St. George UT. and she wanted it plain no pepper, hence Buckboard bacon. Proceedure is the same, just no spices.

Thanks for keeping me on my toes. redface.gif

I should also clalrify that if you make this into capicola, it is the cooked version not the dry cured one. This recipe is from Rytecks book.
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Looks good Ron PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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As always. Nice. Points from me!
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Lookin good!
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tasty looking, nice and moist.
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wow ron you really make some good looking food. Not to get off subject but where in northern wisc was your rib joint?
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Thanks Ron, that does look good BTW. Going to have to give that a try when my GOSM is back up and running. Issue with the burner and a dog chewed gas line!!icon_eek.gif
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Great looking smoke Ron. Nice job.
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That dog thing made me laugh, sorry Dutch.icon_eek.gif

Minocqua, about 50 miles north of Wausau, and 25 west of Rhinelander.
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All sliced.

I had to slice in half to accomadate the slicer and also make sure to slice accross the grain.

5 1/2 Pounds of pure heaven.

All packaged and ready to go, Utah bound.

Thanks for watching.
The end!
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Now that's shweeeeet!

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