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Does anyone have information on brining a pork roast??
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welcome, core cycle -

a fellow here names RonS reported GREAT results using a teriyaki/pineapple marinade. i don't know the ration, but you might check with him.
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ck this guy on you tube, he does a brined butt...

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If you decide brining is a bother, take one cup apple juice and 1-2 tablespoons your favorite rub mixed in. Inject and rub the outside down night before. Similar results and less waste in my humble opinion. LOL
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Search out a ham cure that looks good to ya an just leave out the "Cure". Then yer brinin. Most any brine that work fer pork will do, experiment with it some an find what ya like.

Yer gonna wanna inject some a that brine inta the roast so's ya don't have ta brine fer days cause yer eleminatin the cure, inject an a 24 hour brine should do ya.

Good luck.
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