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Summer Sausage with cheese

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Hello everyone

Last weekend i did 35 pounds of deer summer sausage with chedder cheese i used the sausagemakers pre mixed seasoning and some hi temp chedder cheese i mixed 24 pounds of deer meat with 11 pounds of pork butt mixed it all in my 44 pound cabelas mixer that thing is awesome and smoked using hickory here is a pic each roll weighed 4 pounds

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Looks good salmonclubber. I'm jealous of your mixer. I mixed up 20+ lbs last night by hand and it was painfully cold and by the time I was finished, my hands were cramping.
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Now that be some fine lookin sausage! Excellent work!
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That looks awesome PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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that is some sausage now thanks for the qviewPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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What he said! mighty fine looking sausage for sure.
A mixer is on my next thing to buy list! since I ccan hardly get away with making any less than a 50# batch of whatever kind of sausage I am making
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What casing did you use?
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4 inch x 20 inch casing fiborus
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that is some excellent looking stuff! i wish i was your neighbor!
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I like those casings! The see thru is great, especially with the cheese! great job, I know how much work that can be, I made 30# myself a month or so ago.
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Wow does that look good! I LOVE summer sausage (who doesn't), Looks like something you would order out of a magazine but pay out the rear for.
Points to say the least. This is another time when I wish you could taste through the monitor, I tried but it just tasted like nothing...
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looks awesome. did 25 lbs this year myself and 25 trail bologna. thats whats in my sig pic. i love the high heat cheese. get mine from lem products.
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Great looking sausage, as usual. I'm gonna have to try some with cheese one day.
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Man that looks awesome. Would love some of that right now. Nice Job. Points for you
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Looks real good !!! How much high temp cheese do you use.? I have never used high temp cheese before.

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Feel free to send some this way!
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Summer sausage with cheesw

Great looking stuff. I see the hi-temp cheese does not melt a bit. Regular cheese does even if you keep it below 170F. I wonder if anyone has used low fat cheese as they say it stays solid and it is way easier to get here than hi-temp. I know there will probably be a sacrifice in taste but I would like to try it once. Piker
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for 35 pounds i used 3 pounds of hi temp cheddar cheese i have not tried the low fat cheese i order the cheese in a five pound bag from butcher packer i have a bag of mozzorela in the freezer i need to try it
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Your summer sausage is a complete success as usual, congrats !!!
I have about the same mixer and they do take the pain away from mixing.
How do you like the taste of the SausageMaker summer sausage mix, as I have not tried theirs yet?
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the sausagemakers pre mixed seasoning is pretty good i want to try there jalapino summer season next i have tried several different seasons but i seem to go back to the sausagemakers for the summer sausage season
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