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Getting Ready for a Weekend Smoke

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First time posting to this forum, wanted to share.

Got a taste for some pulled pork. Bought a Shoulder (picnic)

My est. is for at least a 13 hr. smoke (9 3/4lbs)

Finished the rub, to refrigerator overnite.

to be continued............
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Welcome joe, glad you joined up.
13 hours may be a b it lon, even for a picnic.
F.Y.I a picnic is done in a solution (basically a brine) and packaged so they have a lot more moisture.
Rub looks good, but next time it might be a good idea to trim a good portion of the skin/fat off of it before you smoke.
Lots of people don't use picnic butts to smoke with due to their high skin/fat and high moisture content but I personally like them with many dishes.
Any ideas how you are planning the smoke?
Also, make sure you put a probe in the meat, very important, especially with a picnic butt you need to make sure it is in the thickest section for a proper reading.
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Its raining here where I am at and the rain is forcasted through the weekend, so I'll be stopping by the forum a lot....I'm looking forward to your Qviews...
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hey, joeflyde!

click here for the BBQ ACROSS AMERICA THREAD for this weekend!!
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Just placed shoulder on my ECB

Will be monitoring temps all night.
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Looking good there ....Will check on it again tomorrow morning.
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Hey joe! Glad you jumped in! I've got an all-nighter with a 9.2# picnic going now. I'll be interested to see what the diffences between temps and times will bring for total cook time. Mine is looking like a possible 16-3/4, but I'm running slower after getting over 140* internal.

Looking forward to seeing your posts!

Good smoke to ya!

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I guess I was more fatigued than I thought!

Unexpectedly, I took a 5hr snooze, when I awakened @ 8:30am the fire was nearly out, ECB temp gauge was on "W", and the water pan was nearly dry.

Took 25 minutes to boil water and restore temp gauge back into the "I" range. (between 200 - 240 degrees)

ON w/ THE SMOKE..........
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Oooooops! lol!!! Don't feel bad, joe. Got some issues I'm dealing with on mine too, ended up with no sleep yet here. You'll be chuggin' away before you know it and then it will be worth the effort.

Hang in there, man!

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Back on track

143 Internal temp. Will foil @ 160.

added charcoal.

Guess I will cut the grass now.
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Have you ever tried the Minion method of keeping a fire going?
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looking good so far, joe!
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Onward!! Looking forward to your progress. Keep us posted. :>)
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Time to Foil

Internal temp @ 160. Ready for foiling.

after foiling, switched heat from charcoal to oak wood. Hopefully smoke from oak will not effect wood hickory chips from the beginning of smoke.

1/2hr after foiling and adding the oak, had a temperature spike. Removed lid to moderate temps.

Back on track now...
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I have been using a "modified" minion method. Lighting the center of the coals and letting it burn outward. This is the 1st extended smoke where I used wood charcoal, and it seems to burn quicker than the "processed" charcoal.
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All done and pulled. Beans headed to the smoker.

Overall good smoke, the top portion of the shoulder turned out a little bit dryer than I would like and there was very little moisture in the foil. My mustard and vinegar based sauce should add moisture however.

Will make a few minor adjustments next time.
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Well done should be proud of yourself ...... recovering after that extended nap.
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Nice work Joe. How's the yard look?


Congrats on what looks like a sucessful smoke!
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