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Smoking tonight/tomorrow! Urgent Question....

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Okay guys... I'm participating in a BBQ contest at my office tomorrow. They've given us a 10 pound brisket and 4 slabs of ribs. The meat needs to be ready at 3:00pm.

I'm trying to figure out what time I need to tell my team to be ready. Using standard rules, I think the meat needs to go on the fire around 4am.

But one question - Can we cut the brisket into 2 smaller briskets and reduce cooking time? I'd like to try a couple of different rubs, so I thought that if that would work, it would let us sleep a little longer, and give me a couple of shots at it.


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Yes you can cut the brisket and reduce the smoking time. Don't forget you may encounter a stall and plan for it you can always rest it foiled and towel wrapped in a cooler for a long time. The ribs I would figure on 3-2-1 or variation for spares or a 2-2-1 for spares. Good Luck
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Yes you can cut them in half. it saved me about 2 hrs and she stalled for bout an hour. so get up early and ye shall be rewarded for your efforts. i have found lately that i do my ribs for 3 then 1.5 in the foil and then 45 for the last part.
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I'm not sure how long to tell you to plan for...but I'd say 10-12 hours for sure. I just did a 2.6 lb corned beef brisket and it took 7 hours. From other posts I read...there's not a specific time a brisket will take. Depending on there density, amount of fat, etc will vary the time greatly as will fluctuations in the temp of the smoker.

My best advice would be to plan on 14 hours, don't lift that lid unless you absolutly must. And like Pineywoods said, it'll sit wrapped in a cooler for a long time and stay plenty warm.

It's better that way than to not have it done and be tough.

Good luck, take picts, and let us know your results.
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Thanks for all of the advice. I've only done brisket once before, so I'm not expecting to win or anything, but we are looking forward to having some fun and eating some good food!
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Wondering how your competition went and how you placed... If you have pics we would love to see em!
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I got in on this way too late. I'd like to hear how that turned out. I personally would be puttin that brisket on at 10 or 11 the night before. It will stay hot and tastee in a cooler after it's done for 5 or 6 hours. I've learned to plan way ahead and not count on anything. Hope it worked out for ya.
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I gotta get a job where you work, icon_smile.gif

hope you turned out some good brisket and ribs.
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yeah how did you do.....i dont ever get to bbq at my job
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I have found cutting packers in half really doesn't shave much if any time of the cook. The meat still has to come to the temps needed to render fat and breakdown tissue,The flat may get done an hr sooner. I would plan on a 10-12 hr cook. Resting is always good for the meat so better to be safe than struggle to get it done. If it needs to be ready for the judges at 3, I would start it at 1 am or so. Depending on your cooker of course. I run my smoker at 235-260 for almost everything except chicken, that goes at 275-300.PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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