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N.O. Fattie

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Has anyone done a muffaletta fattie?
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Not that I've ever seen. Probably, but you'd be the first to enter one into the throwdown. Get on it! Good luck! And don't forget the picts!
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I've thought about it a lot, but haven't done one yet. It would have to be awesome. I wish I'd made some when I still had some of my home made mortadella.
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Holy Cow (er, pig)

Homemade mortadella????? WOW
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Got one in the works as we type. Friend told us about the Fattie's last week and right away the wife said we have to make a Muffaletta Fattie. With a bunch of help from the topics on here we are in the works. Pictures to follow!!
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That really sounds great. Puts me back in the cajun state if mind.Thinking and will submit an New Orleans entery soon
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