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Any advice?

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My wife got me a remote thermometer for my birthday. I believe it's a "smart bbq" made by jlr gear(?). Any suggestions,comments, warnings, etc? Any advice would be appreciated before I open it.
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Hey smokerlover! Stick it up your butt and check the temp.
Should be 98.6. ha. Seriously, they are straight forward and E Z to use. Open that bad boy up and do some testing.

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Heres the most reliable remote thermo there is, the batterys never die because there arent any and it works in the rain too. Just look out the window and see if the needle is in the black zone.

Works great for cooker temps.
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Don't submerge the probe in water they don't like that. Use alcohol to clean the probe instead
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Well I just took that brand, not sure of the model back to Walmart yesterday worked good for 8 months and got a new one. Last night the ice in water tested 34' , I can live with that tonight, 134'. Going back I can't live with 100' variance.

Good luck and test it good.
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Thanks all!! I think I might try it on a fatty sometime this weekend. Pics will follow of course.
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