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Capacity for UDS - Page 3

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You might want to wait until you get the Weber bottom cut and figure out where you need the bolts to be to hold the ring in. These bolts can double as grate supports.

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I was pretty disappointed with how the wire wheel worked. I did pick up a paint stripper wheel (a pic should be attached) that worked pretty well. The one I bought was a little wider/bigger than the one in the picture. And by the way, I highly recommend a dust mask. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That was my thought to DDave, thanks for confirming that! I think I am ready to build!
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thanks, heading to home depot right now
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i have one right at the top of drum. 1" down from top. then about 3" down from that another. this allows for a full rack of thin items like abt's. then 6" down from that another for roasts and such. if im doing all large items i can simple remove the abt rack. thats why i did the one close below. abts always take up so much room so i gave tham there own story.

on the wire wheel. i used an aggressive one from wal mart. lookd like this. made the drum shine it worked great. down to bare steel.

bottom is after rubbing on cooking oil prior to seasoning. you can see how clean the cup wheel got it. mine was the AGRESSIVE removal one.
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I sure like the ABT rack idea. Mmmmm. Another mod before it starts...
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The paint wheel made out of a hard rubber works well. I was able to clean up the top and middle section quite well. I will need to spend a few more hours on the total drum once i am done, but so far im happy. I will post pics of the progress when i get my camera charged.
For the sand blaster, it does work well. My only issue was my 20 year old sand blaster my dad had. This would spray for about 3 seconds then go idle for about 4 seconds then spray for 2 and so on. It was taking longer to do a section then it would for me just to use some elbow grease and the paint stripper wheel made for epoxy.
Im going to look at a new sand blaster today and see if this will resolve the sand blasting issues. Keep in mind sand blasters need a lot of air. Im running a 5hp compressor 220v and probably close to 100 gallons. You will need every bit to keep volume and velocity going.
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I'll have to check into that. Maybe I can finish the first drum I started after

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