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I've never used RO lump so I can't compare. I have used RO briquettes and they seem to make quite a bit of ash as well and I really didn't care for the smell of them in the UDS. They may act differently in in offset where they are not lighting all the time.. I like the Kingsford Competition Briquettes much better and that is what I use in my UDS.

I can say, without a doubt, that RO briquettes ARE NOT the same as RO lump or any other lump for that matter. If someone told you that, they are, shall we say, misinformed. Lump charcoal is made by taking wood and heating this wood in a closed container in the absence of oxygen. That's why there is very little uniformity to the piece size. It is just wood chunks. Here is a link that has a lot of information about lump charcoal.

Briquettes are a whole different ball game. They have lots of things added to them besides wood. Here is a link that describes the things added to briquettes.

Like you said, if you don't have a lot of options, you have to use what you can get. I can get the Kingsford Comp and I really like it. It doesn't have the strange smell that some briquettes have when lighting. It makes very little ash compared to the RO briquettes that I have used. It burns pretty hot, which was a bit of a drawback for me. It took some getting used to to control it in the UDS but I am used to it now and it works really well.biggrin.gif

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There is no way RO lump and RO bricks can be compared to one another. I have used both, while their lump burns easy, hot and with almost no ash their bricks are hard to keep lit, does not burn hot and creates a TON of ash. I still use their lump but refuse to buy their bricks again. When I get bricks I just buy regular blue bag Kingsford.

I have also used Cowboy lump and find it no where near as bad as some do. If I had to choose between RO bricks and Cowboy lump I'd pick the Cowboy every time.
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I work part time for Hy-Vee warehouse. They carry quit a few differant types of charcoal. Lump and bricks. Most stores don't stock a wide veriety but can get it in couple of days for you all you have to do is ask. I am sure that most stores are the same. I have been using the big green egg lump lately just because we now have a dealer in town that keeps it in stock it runs about 20 bucks for a 20 pound bag.
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To use that wood pictured correctly in this smoker you need to:

(first and foremost need to have good airflow by a raised cooking grate or charcoal basket, otherwise you will struggle to get enough air into the fire)

1) get a bed of hot coals burning (I prefer lump for this)
2) cut those splits into about 1/3 of their size (split twice more)
3) warm them until they start smoking on top of the firebox
4) add one at a time to your coals, leave the door open til it ignites
5) adjust your air intake to keep it burning

I figured the above out through trial and error. The results are great, but it will be a every 20-30 minute monitoring. If you want to burn wood splits in a chargriller it's about the best way I've found. Your smoke will be thin and blue and you will love it.

Hope that helps anybody trying this.
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That's pretty much what I did on my first time using wood as a fuel. Which lead to this kind of smoke.

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Right on Pink!
I been waitin for someone to give this response. This is what I been preachin forever.

Start with a bed of coals (lump or bricks) and add small splits as needed. I also add a couple of unlit coals when I add the wood. This helps maintain a suitable bed of coals which is crucial to steady temps. A small clean burning fire will give that subtle kiss of clean smoke flavor. The extra effort is rewarded with excellence in flavor. Smoke on!
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Love the Baffle, I may try that design in my Silver Smoker
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Thank You. Seems to make a good distribution of heat. I hope it works for you well too!
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I am late to the table as always, since I have a char grill I would interested in seeing the photos which have been deleated..Thanks

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What happened to all your pictures. I am thinking of getting a Char-Griller and am interested in the mods you did.

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