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got my drum today

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finally got a drum... yes it is ugly

the best part is it was free. the neighbors son was visiting his dad. he was pulling a trailer with a bunch of junk on it and this is what caught my eye.

the lid is a little bent but no biggie as it still has the ring with it

no time to work on it this week. i am going to build this as cheap as possible(like i always, next stop habitat rehome store. progress pix to follow this weekend
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Good luck with the build teacup...can't beat free!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Nice Teacup! That drum will work fine. We can build together lol!
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Congrats looks like you have a fun project coming up can't wait to see the build pics
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Nice! Keep us up to date on the progress.
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finally got to work on it ...

burn baby burn

finding any weber replacement grills are impossible here without spending $40 so i built them..not totally cost

still have to make the bottom grate for the charcoal basket but its just about done

cost so far

drum - free
cost to make charcoal basket & racks - $9.04
bolts for legs & grill supports - $3
intake parts so far - $9.29
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Looking good. Can't wait to see the final product. Nice job
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Nice economical build there teacup! I hope you didn't want any grass to grow in that spot lol. Can't wait to see it come together!
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got a little more done today..just about ready to cook on it..

coat of primer(most dont prime it but i had it down to bare needed it) and the paint i am going to use needs a intakes installed

charcoal basket all done ready to go..

all the hardware in place (the stuff on the inside of the drum is cooking spray not

tomorrows jobs...finish coat(if it doesnt rain..if it does i am seasoning it tomorrow). clean up the lid, install it up
picked up one of these today for $14.99
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Cool! That's gonna be Great!
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Looking good! Hope the weather holds out for you tomorrow.
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final paint...its a green pearl color..cant remember it at the pawn shop for $3 a

gonna fire this up tomorrow... the tradition of all ugly drum smokers is that the first smoke have at least one fatty...tomorrow it will be
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Fine looking drum, good job.
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