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hungry fatty

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dont ya hate it when making the thing gets you so hungry you just cant wait for supper???

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That's lookin' good.smile.gif
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Looking good. What's your ingredients? Besides Turkey and CR?
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sorry i forgot to mention:
i used store bought jimmy dean sausage,
roasted red taters and onions
banana peppers

i made a fatty for lunch yesterday and the wife got jealous so i made this one this morning. is chilling in the fridge now, later ill cover it with mozzerella cheese and pop it in the oven.
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Looks good bayoubear!
Great tip for keeping the stomach happy when rolling a current fattie, make an extra the time before, stick it in the fridge and cut slices off. That's assuming you are able to keep one around that long.
I have 3-4 in the freezer just hanging out right now just in case I need a smoke fix.
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