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Nice looking drum! Can't wait to see the finished smoker.

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I just measured the drum. I measured inside the drum and come up with 33" from bottom to top. If I put in a basket that is 11" high I wont have the 24" from the fire deal let alone any cooking space. I was also thinking I could get two grates on here but maybe not. Am I thinking wrong here?
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You measure from the bottom of the basket, not the top.
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What Rick said. So your first grate is going to be (about) 27" from the bottom of the drum if your charcoal grate is 3" from the bottom. The sides of my basket are 8" high (which seems pretty standard) but I never need to fill it all the way up. I have in the past just testing or when I did a brisket the first time and I could have cooked for 20 hours. biggrin.gif

It will be pretty hard to get two grates in unless you do a Weber (or some other tall) lid.

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I guess I will do one grate for now and upgrade when I find a weber lid.
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