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Ribs...with Qview

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Pick up a two pack of ribs at BJ's this past weekend. Trimmed them up and qued 'em for around 6hrs in the foil. I have never foiled ribs....might have to give it a try soon.

Cryo-vac package:

Trimmed up and rubbed racks:

And a bunch of rib tips and flaps to snack on during the smoke:

Now....I know you are looking for final pics.....but the Bourbon had really kicked in, and I forgot all about picture taking. Sorry :)
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Those ribs look really good ... at least you showed the start of them!
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Yeah....I have a hard remembering to take pics before I get started on things....and an even more difficult time remembering once I get started on the Bourbon!
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Dude...that was such a tease. Hope they turned out well for ya...
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Nice start! Bourbon - nice finish!
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You are Banned, man. Final pics are required.

Only kidding, I was looking forward to the finished pics. Next time put the camera next to the bottle.wink.gif

Hope they were good.
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Nice job Buffalo
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Good start on the ribs.

I agree with Ron, put the camera next to the bottle. icon_wink.gif
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Nice trim on the ribs. Lookingt forward to some Q View next time around.
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wow & darn
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