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My tray

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This was my turn in brisket last week. I was a little unhappy with it, but I learn a little more each time. Not bad, really, but, next time I hope it's better!

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I assume this was your submission in a competition? It looks good to me. smile.gif Why weren't you happy with it? What would you do differently next time?
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How happy were the judges??? What did you place? Out of how many? What competition what this? Was it KCBS Sponsored? Was garnish not allowed? Did you think of saucing it? What will you change? What desired result will you expect from the changes? What wood did you use? What type of equipment? What temp did you take it to? Did you foil? Did you enjoy the contest? Will you do it again next year?

So many questions yet to be answered...inquiring minds want to know!
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photos deleted
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Looks good people. Making me hungry. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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This was an IBCA competion in Texas. No garnish allowed. The brisket was just a little overcooked. No sauce allowed, unless cooked on. Flavor was good, but just a little dry. Next time, I going to monitor the flat temp better, and pull off at 195-200.
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Congratulations on your comps!
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